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nasty women in an eco-lodge

We sat, pretzel legged, cocooned in soft blankets like butterflies waiting to open our wings, the five of us, as the lemonade sun rose over the canopy. Sitting in a spiritual silence among some of the strongest young women I've met here so far, absorbing one another's energies and basking in the love of the sun-rays.

nasty women at sunrise in the canopy

This weekend I went on a field trip with my Gender and Sustainability class to a variety of sustainable farms in the mountains of Costa Rica. There were so many moments over the weekend where I found myself so in love. In love with the lifestyle, the location, and most of all... in love with the people of which I was surrounded. I feel as though in having only one conversation here, years of information somehow flood my mind.

On my way to my favorite memory, I was standing in the back of a pick-up, hands over the roof of the truck as we flew through the canopy of trees on a dirt road, screaming "DUCK" whenever a branch crossed our path--- a natural roller-coaster (serious Perks of Being a Wallflower vibes). We hiked vertically up a hill, hanging onto tree roots as natural handrails. Plunged into a river of ice water, protected by the forest. Listening to riddles around natural waterfalls, given by a girl who has read every book on this earth. I climbed my way over a fallen tree across the river and down the river's bend to meet two fairies. One wore citronella entangled in her curls. The other, a real life Tinkerbell.

I reconnected with a part of myself that I forgot was still here. I remembered that the playful, childlike joys should never be forgotten in this life. Back at the eco-lodge before packing up for our ride back to reality, we all swung in a hammock-house of 'hers'. An entanglement of bare feet, reflection, and thought. Above us, on the open yoga deck, was a playlist, by a Tico at the lodge, that featured The Head And The Heart and Fleet Foxes. As I walked toward the bus and away from what would soon be a memory, I promised myself that this feeling would never be forgotten.

me in an outdoor shower (image by Grace Herde)



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