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my first vivid memory of culture shock is when I traveled to India when I was nine years old, to visit family. I got off the plane while holding my white skinned father's hand as I made eye contact with a young girl around my age. she was selling things at a vendor stand by herself in the airport. I remember wondering where her parents were, as she looked at me, head to toe, then to my father's skin, rolling her eyes. growing up in a bi-racial home, having two parents that are educators, having the privilege  and opportunity of a childhood filled with travel, and much more-- makes me who I am today. I have been given the ability to understand the world from my many different perspectives--the ability to relate to people of all backgrounds due to my ambiguous physical features. in this blog, I hope to illustrate my cultural experiences through photographs, videos, and the many stories of people of which I cross paths.

                                                                                                                                                  photo by: carlisle lynch


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