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fare thee well

dear everyone that i have crossed paths with in my time being in costa rica,

thank you.

thank you for all of the lessons you have taught me. for all of the personal stories we have shared throughout our months here. for all of the adventures, trips, and memories, that no one else will ever understand the way we do. as a collective.

as a group of so many individuals from far off places. of different sexualities, backgrounds, and home-lives... all experiencing this country in our own, but similar ways. i can’t help but think about how soon all of this will become distant, detached from the feelings i felt at the time of all of this incredible self discovery.

all i really have to say to all of you. to the students and peers at veritas, to the surfers in my second home, to the strong women of the eco farms: i love you. 

i have so much passion for this country. for this land that took me in. for the ocean that i’ve surfed almost every weekend. for the waterfalls. the hikes. the mountains. but most of all, for the people. both native and visitors. thank you for all of the knowledge, memories, and love that you have shared with me.

“fare thee well now, let your life proceed by its own design. nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, i’m done with mine” (Cassidy//The Grateful Dead)

GRATEFUL to have been touched by these souls,


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